Quit Smoking

A test of 20 questions which are based on recognised scientific studies to give you a good indication of how ready you are to succeed in quitting smoking and what you should do to increase your chances.

"Quit Smoking" gives you a mobile companion to help you quit smoking that you can have with you everywhere. It also allows you to look for help from your friends with a simple press of the panic button.

  • Test to see how ready you are to quit smoking
  • Tips on what to do to increase your chances
  • Help with which products that might suit you
  • Bet with your friends who try to quit smoking
  • Countdown to when you can call yourself a non smoker
  • See how much money you have saved
  • See how long you've not been smoking for
  • Help your friends who try to quit smoking


Integrated with Facebook, tell your friends you are quitting. They can bet on your changes, and you on theirs!