The One4all is Ireland’s number 1 nationwide multi-store gift card and gift voucher that can be spent in over 4,500 outlets nationwide. The Gift Voucher Shop wanted an app to promote their gift voucher business, and provide a service to their customers whereby they can locate retailers that accept the vouchers when they are out and about.

  • Allows users to locate and share retailers that accept the gift vouchers when they are out and about
  • Uses the user’s GPS position to retrieve nearby locations
  • Locations are displayed on a map and in a table
  • The user can share locations with friends over email, Facebook, or Twitter
  • See your One4all Gift Card balance and view your transaction history
  • Buy vouchers online or see nearby stockiest of gift vouchers
  • Receive special offers from the Gift Voucher Shop
  • Promotes their other products and services

Places To Buy

In addition to places to spend gift vouchers, you can also find nearby places to buy them.

Useful Links

Details of produces and services offered by The Gift Voucher Shop.

Gift Card Balance

Users can check their card balance.


Location based competitions to encourage users to engage with the brand.

UK Version

In addition to the tap for the Irish version, there is also one tailors to the UK market.

Demonstration Video

See the video for a demonstration of the app.