My Mobile

The My Mobile app allows customers of a mobile operator to manage their account themselves, removing workload from customer services, providing an easy mechanism to up-sell to customers, and allow them to take control and manage their account.

In addition to the 'Self Service' functionality, the app also provides push notification of micro-targeted offers, geo-fencing and alerts of local offers when the user passes within range of a store, even if the app is not running.

The My Mobile app is currently used by a major European mobile operator.

  • Customer can keep track of their mobile services
  • View account balance and invoice information
  • Contact the mobile operator's customer service
  • Push notification of targeted offers
  • Geo-fencing and notification of offers when close to a mobile operator's store
  • Available in English and Swedish

Track Costs

Animated graphs of costs.


See current and historical invoices.

Manage Services

See your current active services, subscribe to new services, and can unsubscribe from services.

Closest Store

Users can see their nearest store, including opening hours.

Customer Support

Users can access customer support directly from within the app.

Android Version

The app is also available for Android.