My Recorder

We were commissioned to develop an app on behalf of a digital TV company to allow their customers to remotely manage their PVR (Personal Video Recorder) set top box.

  • Quickly browse a list of channels and see whats on now and next
  • Drill down into any channel to see the full list for that channel
  • Drill into an individual program to see the full details
  • Schedule a program to record on their PVR
  • Browse and manage the programs that are recorded and those that are scheduled to recorded on their PVR box
  • Browse what’s on now and next
  • Search the schedules
  • Available in English, Swedish, and Danish

TV Listing

Full TV listing for the next four days.

Program Details and Record

Drill into any program for full details, and to record.

Repeat Record

Record a series of programs.

Manage Recordings

View and delete of all programs recorded and scheduled to be recorded.

Manage Multiple Accounts

The app can handle multiple accounts and set top boxes with easy switching between them.

iPad and Android Version

The app is also available for iPad and Android.